#Lysandra Loves: Sunny’s Hair

#Lysandra Loves: Sunny’s Hair

Who Are They

They…is really my sister! Major plug!

Even though there are a few stores around the country, my sister founded and still manages the online hair extensions brand. They have extensions for every type of woman and nobody knows hair like Sunny’s!

How I Discovered It

I’ve been wearing  Sunny’s Hair extensions since the very first time I got extensions at 16!

Why I Love Them

Not because I get a discount or anything….but my hair is probably the thing I get the most compliments on and questions about.

I know I never have to worry about the quality of the extensions I am getting because ‘they’ pride themselves on sourcing from the best vendors and providing first-class customer service.

There’s nothing better than a good hair day and thanks to Sunny’s I always have one!

To shop with Sunny’s head over to sunnyshair.com.


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