#LysandraLoves: Coco White Oil Pulling For Whiter Teeth

#LysandraLoves: Coco White Oil Pulling For Whiter Teeth

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What Is It

It’s flavored coconut oil that you swish around in your mouth for 5-10 minutes to reduce the number of harmful bacteria in your mouth and help whiten your teeth.

This is called oil pulling and it’s pretty much a natural and ancient alternative to teeth whitening.

The packets of coconut oil are the perfect dosage for each ‘treatment’ and are available in three flavors: minty fresh, vanilla swirl and light lemon.

How I Discovered It

I was considering to get my teeth whitened and then I read somewhere about the risks of sensitivity chemical whitening could cause, so I wanted to find natural ways that didn’t include brushing with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and rubbing lemon rinds on my teeth…like no!

Why I Loved It

So this one time, I was cooking with too much oil so I poured some out into a tea cup because the oil was too hot to pour back into the plastic bottle. At the same time, I was drinking apple juice from a similar cup and I was so caught up in conversation that I picked up the cup of oil and took a big gulp!

That’s exactly how I felt the first time I tried Coco White.

I wanted to gag and I remember thinking that I wished I could taste the flavors more than I could the oil. It did get better though and after about 4 days I did notice a difference and I was really happy to get whiter teeth without chemicals or those LED lights all over Instagram.

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Disclaimer: I am not a physician, so I recommend that you look into the safety of this product and oil pulling generally before you actually try it.


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