#LysandraLoves: Bullet Journaling

#LysandraLoves: Bullet Journaling

lysandra loves bullet journaling

What is it

So bullet journaling is writing everything from your personal thoughts, tasks or business ideas down in one book.

It’s honestly a kickass way to keep track of your life because it allows you to record ideas, keep track of tasks and events and everything else you write down by grouping them into collections indexed by page numbers (aka your table of contents).

This way, you can always find what you are looking for and you don’t have to write in a specific order or reserve pages for a collection…which is exactly how life is..you never know what the next day, and in this case, page, is gonna bring!

How I Discovered It

I stumbled across this blog: Tiny Ray of Sunshine and instantly fell in love with the idea. I did a little more research and discovered that this system was created by Ryder Carroll so if you’re interested, you have to check out the Bullet Journal website (watch the video).

Why I Loved It

I love to write, to me, there’s just something magical about pen and paper, so the fact that I can write everything in one place has really amplified my organization.

I used to write in a few books at a time for different things like work, personal, random ideas….chaotic! Sometimes I’d even forget where I wrote things!

So I’m glad to have a system that doesn’t isolate any area of my life so that I can dream, plan and track all the important stuff in an organized and analog place.


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